Don't specialize in everything? No problem.

Outsource to us for mailing, bindery, finishing services, or printing jobs you can't do in-house. Keep your customers happy without breaking the bank.


Let us be an extension of your own great customer service as your mail company to help with bulk mailings.

Each print shop has its own niche, and while we offer high-quality digital and offset printing, our roots are deep in the mailing industry. Bring us your client's job after you print it and we will take care of all of the mail preparation, application of the postage, and delivery to the Post Office.

We know the Post Office regulations inside and out and our specialists keep up with all the changes. We can help make sure your client's printed piece is in compliance with postal regulations and we can get your mailings out quickly.

Let us act as an extension of your print shop and handle your bulk mailings from start to finish.

  • Presort for better postage rates and save up to $0.08 per piece on postage
  • Customized demographic mailing lists
  • Large-scale direct mail printing/bulk mail printing
  • Print and insert personalized variable data letters
  • Finish mail prep

Use your own bulk mailing permit or use our permit at no charge.

Printing And Finishing

Partner with us to outsource your variable data printing and finishing jobs.

We partner with many printers around the area to provide variable data digital printing as well as finishing services like perfect binding, UV coating, and tab cutting. Let us fill in the gaps in your capabilities so that you can keep your customers happy and your revenue stream consistent.

We act as a printing and finishing outsource partner for other printers.

  • Digital printing
  • Finishing services
  • Full-color marketing and promotional materials
  • Large-format printing
  • Large-volume printing
  • Variable data (personalized) letters

Let us help you meet your customers’ expectations.

  • Business Cards

    You meet a potential client on your flight then realize you don’t have a business card. Panicking, you scrawl your info on the back of a crumpled Wendy’s receipt. Suddenly, you wake up from your nightmare in bed realizing Trevett’s printed your cards. Life is good.

  • Newsletter

    It’s an unfortunate reality that most people score very poorly on mind-reading ability. Until mind-reading devices and wireless brain-to-brain transmitters become commonplace to assist these poor souls... What’s an organization to do? May we humbly recommend… print a newsletter.

  • Booklet

    What is a booklet exactly? Well, it’s like a book with pages and a paper cover. But much smaller. It’s also thinner than a novelette. But definitely bigger than a pamphlet. Basically, it’s like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Not too big. Not too small. But just right.

Connor at press
Supplementing your printing capabilities

When you work with Trevett’s, you are partnering with a tried and true team of print and mail experts.

We are passionate about making your client’s organization known to your community. We know some of your clients have sensitive data so our facility is equipped with the highest level of security..

How we keep confidentiality
  • HIPPA compliance
  • Transmit patient data on secured FTP websites
  • Employees sign HIPPA agreements
  • RFID chip badges required for access to our facility

We are a family-owned printing facility. We use Trevett's exclusively (for mailing) because of their outstanding customer service and product provided at a fair price and a quick delivery. The staff and at Trevett's have always treated me as family.

Jeanna Reynolds, Major Graphics, LLC
Why Trevett’s?

Why our clients choose us.

Here’s why so many printers in SC partner with us, year after year:

  • High-volume capability

    We have the capacity to print and mail very large volumes of variable data mail.

  • Speed

    We have the equipment to provide you top-quality products in tight turnaround situations.

  • Best postage rates

    We pre-sort your mailing—saving you up to $0.08 per piece.

  • Finishing services

    We have the equipment for many finishing services printers may need like perfect binding.

  • Digital printing

    We have digital printing capabilities and would be glad to be your outsourcing partner.

  • Professional quality work

    We have the equipment, experience, and personnel to ensure your printed pieces will always look top-notch.

  • Great customer service

    As a family-owned business, we care personally about each of our clients and measure our success by the success of our customers.

printers assisted with outsourced projects
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Let's Get to Work!

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