Our Story

  • 1968

    When Doug and Lynne Trevett married, Doug was a nuclear engineer and Lynne worked as a kindergarten teacher in the Pittsburgh, PA area. They built a brand new home, putting down deep roots in the community.

    In 1973, the Trevetts welcomed identical twin girls. Then in 1980, they celebrated the birth of a son. Once the children were born, Lynne stayed home to care for them while Doug continued working as an engineer to provide for the family.

    They never imagined that one day they would change careers, start their very own company.

  • 1984

    While living in Pennsylvania, Doug heard that the owner of a local pool store needed label printing. His mind turned to the Apple IIE computer he had recently purchased and thought, “We have a computer, surely we can figure out how to print a few mailing labels.”

    The Trevetts accepted the task as a favor and began their first official job. It was a perfect situation for Lynne as she could work on the computer in the family room while still being able to care for their children.

  • 1985

    After that first mailing, Doug and Lynne wondered if other businesses might also need label printing assistance. They scoured the phone book and sent out an inquiry.

    The Trevetts received only one response—a local cable provider wanting to send magazines to their customers. They gladly accepted the job, but were quite taken aback when an 18-wheeler arrived at their house and the driver called out, “Hey lady, where’s your forklift?”

    An ever-determined Lynne accepted the magazines, printed the labels, and filled her ‘77 Chevy Impala over and over with pallets worth of materials to transport to the local post office.

    And so, Trevett’s Labels was born.

  • 1987

    Doug’s full-time job relocated the family from Monroeville, PA to Irmo, SC. After settling in, they reincorporated the business in 1988 and portioned off a tiny office space in their orange-carpeted bedroom.

    The family worked efficiently together. Lynne covered customer correspondence and production while Doug handled business administration. The three kids regularly helped apply labels, stuff envelopes, and prepare mailings.

    Lynne purchased a bag phone so she could talk with customers and the Post Office from her conversion van while driving the kids to music and karate lessons in the afternoons.

  • 1991

    Next, the Trevetts renovated the house to include a complete home office in a space the size of a double garage. They had three computer stations, several printers, and other machines. But the booming business quickly outgrew the living space.

    In the next phase, the Trevetts repurposed their backyard tool shop as a business office and hired the first official employees as Trevett’s Mailing Service.

    With new people, new machines, and new businesses to serve, it was not long before the old tool shed started to feel small.

    “It’s time to build something,” they thought.

  • 1995

    With their home situated on 2 acres of land, the Trevetts began construction on a 2400 sq. ft. shop behind their house where an old horse barn had once been and purchased their first company delivery van to better serve the growing customer base.

    However, when neighbors began asking about the 18-wheeler traffic to and from their house, the Trevetts realized it was time for the business to move out of the neighborhood.

  • 2000

    Doug retired from Westinghouse to join Lynne full-time and began looking for facility with space for continued growth.

    He found a 5,000 sq.ft. shop available to for lease, only a mile and a half from their home. It was the perfect location for the ever-growing business.

    And as the business expanded, the new building did too! A 5,000 sq. ft. addition was done in 2003, doubling the size of the building. Another 4,200 sq. ft. was added just a few years later, taking the original 5,000 sq. ft. building to 14,200 sq. ft. by 2005.

  • 2005

    During the expansions, Doug and Lynne’s son, Nathan, joined the company bringing his background in mechanical engineering to help streamline workflow and increase efficiency.

    One of Nathan’s early contributions was the addition of some printing capabilities to supplement the existing services. With these new offerings, Trevett’s Mailing Service evolved into Trevett’s Direct, Digital Print & Mail Service.

  • 2008

    As business continued to grow, the family found an ideal plot of land to build a more permanent facilty.

    On Friday of Labor Day weekend in 2008, the company moved into the newly constructed 24,000 sq.ft. facility they occupy today on the corner of Old Bush River Rd. at St. Andrews Rd.

  • 2011

    Benji Mitchell, now Creative Director of our partner company Creative+, was hired as the first graphic designer and the company transitioned to Trevett’s: Web. Design. Print. Mail. with the addition of design and web development services.

    One by one, Trevett’s built a team of talented designers and experienced developers to help organizations find creative ways to communicate and become known.

  • 2019

    On January 1, 2019, Nathan took over the role of president of Trevett’s from Doug as Doug and Lynne continued working full-time with the company.

    On the Print and Mail side, account managers, data entry specialists, machine operators, a maintenance technician, and a driver kept things running smoothly.

    And on the Creative side, graphic designers, web developers, and account managers handled web design, branding, and messaging.

    Nathan’s sister, April Trevett Cassidy, also joined the family business to help round out the creative team’s capabilities as a content writer.

  • 2024

    Today, Trevett’s stands poised to stay on the cutting edge of technology and industry trends in order to help make great organizations known. With an experienced team and loyal customers, they stay as committed as ever to providing quality products and services to shine light on their customer’s message and help them achieve success.

    “Every organization we work with is seeking to communicate a message. We help develop that message and make it come to life! Whether on the web or through print and mail, we partner with our customers to take a simple idea and create a tangible reality.” — Nathan Trevett

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