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  • Business Cards
    Business Cards

    You meet a potential client on your flight then realize you don’t have a business card. Panicking, you scrawl your info on the back of a crumpled Wendy’s receipt. Suddenly, you wake up from your nightmare in bed realizing Trevett’s printed your cards. Life is good.

  • Newsletter

    It’s an unfortunate reality that most people score very poorly on mind-reading ability. Until mind-reading devices and wireless brain-to-brain transmitters become commonplace to assist these poor souls... What’s an organization to do? May we humbly recommend… print a newsletter.

  • Booklet

    What is a booklet exactly? Well, it’s like a book with pages and a paper cover. But much smaller. It’s also thinner than a novelette. But definitely bigger than a pamphlet. Basically, it’s like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Not too big. Not too small. But just right.

  • Catalog

    Alice shuffles out to the mailbox in her fuzzy, pale blue slippers. Across the street, a choir breaks out in heavenly chorus of “Ahhhhs” as the mailbox door opens to reveal your catalog illuminated by a beam of light from above. Yeah. You owned that one.

  • Magazine

    Magazines are great. No loading time. No screen glitching. No facial recognition software. Just open it up with a simple flick of your wrist and there you are. What a respite of tranquility with nary a care about your personal information being hacked.

  • Paperback (Perfect-bound) Book
    Paperback (Perfect-bound) Book

    Holding your newborn baby in your arms is a moment of pure joy — much like holding your brand new book in your hands. Wrapping your book in a swaddling blanket and taking your first picture together is one of our favorite moments.

  • Card

    You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you get a beautiful notecard or heart-felt thank you card? Then you laminate it and use wallpaper paste to permanently attach it to your office wall to appreciate the beautiful sentiment for all eternity? Yeah. We do, too.

  • Envelope

    You know that phrase, “pushing the envelope”? We experimented with pushing envelopes around on the floor and ended up with dirty, crinkled envelopes. Not appealing. So we’ve given up on the whole pushing idea and prefer to print, stamp, and mail envelopes. That’s kinda our thing.

  • Invitation

    Remember the joy and elation the women of Prince Charming’s kingdom experienced when they received the invitation to the ball? That’s exactly how excited people will be to get your invitation to your event. Invites to important high-society events like yours? Life-changing stuff.

From project inception to the final product, the team at Trevett’s never ceases to amaze our nonprofit with professionalism, creativity, and excellence. We entrust them with design, website and print materials that are delivered to thousands of federal and public partners each year. We couldn’t be happier!

Adam DeWitte, VP of Development & Communications, FIND Outdoors

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