The "easy" button for health insurance.

At Trevett's, we provide secure, large volume, on-demand printing services so your patients can get their health insurance documents on time.

Insurance Cards

Streamline the distribution of your health insurance cards with our printing and mailing services.

We know that you must get your patients' new insurance cards distributed as quickly as possible to avoid numerous complaint calls at the start of the new year. Most insurance companies—and printers—do not have the capacity or equipment to print large quantities of personalized data in such a short time frame.

We have the capabilities to get your ID cards into your patients' hands as quickly as possible.

  • Pre-sort mailings to give insurance companies better postage rates and save up to $0.08 per piece on postage
  • Print and attach personalized ID cards
  • Print and insert personalized variable data letters
  • Booklet printing on demand (formulary and changes to the plan)
  • Bulk printing for the new year rollout
  • Produce print-on-demand insurance cards at any time

Advertising And Messaging

Create your advertising collateral from start to finish in one place with our full range of capabilities.

We know that you have important information that needs to go out to your patients and prospective customers. From crafting a compelling message to designing and producing a professional piece—a lot goes into a good direct mail piece, and you need an accurate, quick, and secure guide that can help.

We offer services to guide your advertising efforts from writing your message through printing and fulfillment.

  • Pre-sort mailings to give insurance companies better postage rates and save up to $0.08 per piece on postage
  • Print and insert personalized variable data letters
  • Bulk printing/commercial printing
  • Full-color brochure printing
  • Professional finishing services
  • Professional design services

Formulary Booklets

Expedite your formulary booklet printing and mailing.

In addition to printing and mailing new formulary booklets at the beginning of each year for current patients, we know you need to get updated booklets in the hands of new patients as soon as they join your healthcare plan.

You need a printer who is capable of securely producing large volumes of booklets and fulfilling requests for mailing booklets to new patients throughout the year.

We offer all the services you need to produce and fulfill large volumes of booklets with accuracy, quality, and speed.

  • Bulk printing services for books and custom booklets
  • Print on demand books
  • Finishing services to complete your books
  • Print and insert personalized variable data

Employee Compensation Packages

Securely print, package, and mail your confidential employee compensation packets.

We know the privacy of your employees' financial information is a top priority to you. We understand and act on the importance of confidentiality. Each of our team members signs a HIPPA agreement, we utilize ID badge entry systems into our building, and we print using methods that keep information confidential—even from those operating the press.

We offer a range of services to produce your employee compensation packages, all while deploying the highest security measures.

  • Print documents facing upside-down
  • Print and insert variable data letters and packets
  • Finishing services to complete your booklets

We have all the printed pieces you need to become known.

  • Business Cards

    You meet a potential client on your flight then realize you don’t have a business card. Panicking, you scrawl your info on the back of a crumpled Wendy’s receipt. Suddenly, you wake up from your nightmare in bed realizing Trevett’s printed your cards. Life is good.

  • Newsletter

    It’s an unfortunate reality that most people score very poorly on mind-reading ability. Until mind-reading devices and wireless brain-to-brain transmitters become commonplace to assist these poor souls... What’s an organization to do? May we humbly recommend… print a newsletter.

  • Booklet

    What is a booklet exactly? Well, it’s like a book with pages and a paper cover. But much smaller. It’s also thinner than a novelette. But definitely bigger than a pamphlet. Basically, it’s like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Not too big. Not too small. But just right.

Connor at printer
Protecting You And Your Patients

Every health insurance company should be able to mail out important information to their patients quickly and securely.

When you work with Trevett’s, you are partnering with a tried and true team of print experts who are passionate about making your organization known. We extend our high level of care to your clients, so you can rest assured their sensitive data is handled properly.

How we keep confidentiality
  • HIPPA compliance
  • Transmit patient data on secured FTP websites
  • Employees sign HIPPA agreements
  • Use of RFID chip badge to access our facility

You’re the best! Thank you so much for all your work AND creativity in helping us put this piece together.

Account Executive, Large Health Insurance Company in Columbia, SC
Why Trevett’s?

We partner with insurance companies to print, mail, and fulfill over a million ID cards and formulary booklets each year.

Here’s why our health insurance clients partner with us, year after year:

  • Security Online

    We provide a secure FTP for you to upload sensitive information.

  • Speed

    We have the equipment to provide you top-quality products in tight turnaround situations.

  • Security On-Site

    Our facility is secure and HIPPA compliant.

  • Best Postage Rates

    We pre-sort your mailing—saving you $0.08 per piece.

  • High-Volume Capability

    We have the capacity to print and mail very large volumes of variable data mail.

  • Print-On-Demand

    We print and mail insurance cards, booklets, and letters for your annual enrollment push and as needed throughout the year.

  • Fulfillment

    We print your formulary and policy booklets on-demand and provide fulfillment service directly from our facility.

insurance id cards printed annually
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