11 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Direct Mail Service

April Cassidy

| 6 min read

Digital marketing is very popular today and a necessary component of getting an organization’s messaging out. But don’t discount the impact that bulk mailings (or direct mailings) can make.

Bulk mailing/direct mailing

A bulk mailing/direct mailing is simply a large volume mailing that you can send out to all the people in a certain area or zip code. This marketing route gets your name out there, increases brand recognition, or lets people in a particular community know about a special you are running.

Targeted mailing

A targeted demographic mailing goes only to specific people who would be the most interested in your organization’s offer. You can design your mail piece to speak to the needs of a specific group of recipients based on income, whether children are in the home or not, age, or certain interests.

With a targeted mailing, you can even choose to use variable data printing so that you can personalize each letter to the recipient by name.

Mail campaigns and direct mail targeting still work to get a bright spotlight on your products and services.

Bulk mail rates are much lower than first-class postage which means you can get your important marketing campaigns in people’s hands at a reasonable cost. All you need is the right bulk mailing service to help you.

11 Tips to Choose the Best Mailing Service

  1. Think about what services you need now and for your future mailings.

    • Do you need professional graphic design services?

    • Do they have design tools and services for you to use?

    • Do you need the company to provide you with a mailing list?

    • Do you need certain kinds of printing or equipment for your piece?

    • Can they produce the quality of printing that you need?

    • What volume will you be mailing? Can the service accommodate it?

    • What finishing services do you need?\_

    • Do they have a good working relationship with the Post Office?

  2. Does the company have a bulk mail permit you can use for free?

    • If they do, this can save you hundreds of dollars per year.

    • Or will you be using your own permit imprint and paying your own annual mailing fee?

  3. Is the direct mail company familiar with the postal service’s ever-changing regulations? Will they look out for you and help you save money, hassles, and time?

  4. Does the print and mail service provide NCOA, deduping, and CASS certification to help you get bulk rates and avoid any hassles with your mailing at the Post Office?

  5. Is the staff willing to work with you on designing your piece so that you get the best rates and to be sure your piece can go through the Post Office’s machines?

  6. Is the mailing service near you so that you can visit and talk with your account manager, or even the owner, face-to-face?

  7. Is the mail company established and experienced?

    • How many years have they been in operation?

    • Do they have much turnover with their staff?

  8. Do they have a good reputation?

    • Have you researched reviews online?

    • Will they provide referrals?

  9. Does the Post Office recommend them?

  10. Do they have a quick turnaround time?

  11. What kind of personalized service do they offer throughout the process?

Every time your organization sends out a mailing, you have the opportunity to elevate your brand or hurt your brand’s reputation.

Finding the right print and mail service for your organization’s needs will make a huge difference in your ability to distribute professional-looking, quality mail pieces. It may also make a big difference in your cost for your mailings.

If you have a mail service that doesn’t provide proper recommendations for your pieces, you could end up spending thousands of dollars more in postage than necessary.

It pays to do your research before you commit to a particular mail house.

Classes of mail as defined by the United States Post Office:

Business Mail 101

If you are unsure about what class your mail piece will—or should—be, contact your Business Mail Entry Unit for advice.

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